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Empower Student Voices

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Meet the Crew

CollegeCast is an organization committed to helping students grow their personal and professional brands, through our experiential learning program, with the creation of their very own podcast. Students who are selected for a first-year internship, as a CollegeCast Junior Producer, will have the opportunity to learn valuable and practical entrepreneurial, production, and content marketing skills. Our program teaches students everything they need to know for every step of the Podcast production process through mentorship and collaboration. Learn more about our crew here

Mission: Empower Student Voices

Vision – Set and achieve attainable goals to become happy and successful.
Opportunities– Always look for opportunities for growth through collaboration
Integrity– We are uncompromising and consistent in our adherence to strong moral principles, ethics and values.
Curiosity– Explore skills and talents that will continue to improve through mentorship, innovation, and creativity.
Empowerment– Lift others up (your community, stakeholders, and those who can benefit from our help).
Students– Every decision is to empower students and let them be heard.

Take Charge of
Your Future

A new experiential learning opportunity that provides students with a meaningful and actionable system to create a personal brand, gain a leg up on their competition in the job market, and gain valuable multifaceted experience in the following areas: content creation, entrepreneurship, marketing, audio and video editing, and general business practices.