Advertising through CollegeCast LLC gives you direct access to an exclusive student audience. This provides direct reach to the coveted 18 to 34 demographic. Podcasts are created, produced and hosted by college students, targeting other Generation Z and Millennial individuals in the most organic way possible. Advertisers and Sponsors help enhance student’s learning experience by empowering their voices, providing access to technology and resources through mentorship, while funding their efforts.

NonProfit Organizations

At CollegeCast™, we specialize in producing high-quality podcasts for nonprofits looking to increase their impact, engagement and reach. We believe in the power of storytelling to drive exponential social change and to unify communities that believe in each nonprofit’s mission. That’s why we create Podcasts for Good™.

To create those podcasts, our team of experienced producers work closely with our highly-trained college students to help each nonprofit craft compelling audio/video content that highlights each nonprofit’s mission, goals, and impact. Our Podcasts for Good™ provide college students with opportunities to gain meaningful content production skills which help Empower Student Voices®.


CollegeCast™ is an organization committed to helping students grow their personal and professional brands through an experiential learning program enhanced through the creation of Podcasts for Good™. Our program is uniquely positioned to provide transferable skills that can be utilized in any profession or industry.

Students who are selected for a first-year program, as a Junior Producer, will have the opportunity to learn valuable and practical entrepreneurial, production and content marketing skills. Select Junior Producers may also earn the opportunity to rejoin CollegeCast for a second-year program, as an Associate Producer, getting more in-depth experience in project management, collaboration and leadership.

Our Experiential Learning Program teaches students everything they need to know for every step of the podcast production process through a strategically designed PodCourse™ Syllabus.

College students are looking for high-quality, meaningful entrepreneurial experience that will build both their professional and personal brands while providing them with opportunities for meaningful growth. This opportunity provides students with financial support, skills and a valuable body of work. We are excited to offer students the opportunity to empower their voice, with the help, support and mentorship of the CollegeCast Crew.


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