What Do you get when you become a Junior Producer with CollegeCast?


Is CollegeCast for Me?

Empower Your Voice

We live in a fast-paced world of communication that is searching for content that is easily accessible and consistently delivers a unified message by print, audiovisual, digital, and networked media. College students are looking for a high-quality, meaningful entrepreneurial experience that will build both their professional and personal brands while providing them with opportunities for meaningful growth.The competitive media and content creation industries make evergreen content creation extremely valuable. Normally, scalable content creation and production would take years and a large financial investment to access the equipment and opportunities to display and showcase one’s creative work. CollegeCast LLC, provides undergraduate and graduate students with a unique paid experiential learning program, where they can gain hands-on experience working within collaboration with amazing nonprofit organizations’ podcasts. CollegeCast LLC also provides undergraduate and graduate college students with the opportunity to create, develop and produce their own media and entertainment business from the first concept and beyond, with collaboration and assistance from business professionals and mentors guiding them on their journey to success. This experience provides students with financial support, skills and a valuable body of work.

Take Charge Of Your Future

A new experiential learning opportunity that provides students with a meaningful and actionable system to learn create a personal brand, gain a leg up on their competition in the job market, and gain valuable multifaceted experience in the following areas: content creation, entrepreneurship, marketing, audio and video editing, and general business practices.