Junior Producers

Gonzalo Gonell

The reason I joined the team is because I’m a big fan of podcasts and was curious to learn more about the behind the scenes of how they are made. I’m a Film major so I wanted to learn more about other types of media production.

Megan Mahoney

I’m so excited to be an intern with CollegeCast for my final semester at Temple! I’m a senior media studies and production major on the media business and entrepreneurship track. I joined CollegeCast because I was searching for a new opportunity and a way to learn newskills to help me in my professional career. Having the ability to learn all aspects of production, playing an active valuable role, and having a mentor along the way is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Bella Leonetti

Hi! My name is Bella Leonetti. I am currently a sophomore at Temple University majoring in marketing with a minor in advertising. I am so excited to continue my journey in marketing with the help of CollegeCast and the amazing Nicole Stephenson, one of our CEOs. I hope to gain lots of knowledge from working with these individuals and overall cannot wait for what the future holds for CollegeCast as a whole!

Shannon Gallagher

As a Temple senior with a background in sales, marketing, and data analytics, I am looking forward to expanding my skill set by diving into the worlds of content creation and entrepreneurship. I am eager to learn from my mentors at CollegeCAST Podcasts about creating compelling content that engages audiences and drives results! Additionally, I am interested in exploring the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship, and I believe that my experience in sales and marketing will be of value as I seek to build and grow in this new startup. I am passionate about continuous learning and growth, and I am eager to take on new challenges and make an impact in the world of non-profits and college students alike.